1. Interior point methods are not worse than Simplex
  2. Circuit Imbalance Measures and Linear Programming
    Farbod Ekbatani Bento Natura , and László A. Végh
  3. On Circuit Diameter Bounds via Circuit Imbalances
    Daniel DadushZhuan Khye Koh Bento Natura , and László A. Végh
  4. A Faster Interior-Point Method for Sum-Of-Squares Optimization
    Shunhua Jiang Bento Natura , and Omri Weinstein
  5. The Pareto cover problem
    Bento Natura Meike Neuwohner, and Stefan Weltge


  1. An Accelerated Newton-Dinkelbach Method and Its Application to Two Variables per Inequality Systems
    Daniel DadushZhuan Khye Koh Bento Natura , and László A. Végh


  1. A Scaling-Invariant Algorithm for Linear Programming Whose Running Time Depends Only on the Constraint Matrix
    Daniel DadushSophie Huiberts Bento Natura , and László A. Végh
  2. Revisiting Tardos's Framework for Linear Programming: Faster Exact Solutions using Approximate Solvers
    Daniel Dadush Bento Natura , and László A. Végh


  1. Global Interconnect Optimization
    Siad DaboulStephan Held Bento Natura , and Daniel Rotter