Bento Natura

Postdoctoral Fellow | UC Berkeley & Georgia Tech.


ISyE Main Building 327

755 Ferst Dr NW

Atlanta, Georgia 30318

I received my PhD in the Department of Mathematics at the London School of Economics under the supervision of László Végh, funded by his ERC grant ScaleOpt.

I also hold a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Mathematics from the University of Bonn, where I was supervised by Stephan Held and Jens Vygen.

My current research interests are focused on the areas of algorithms, optimization, and game theory.

I am on the 2023/24 academic job market.


Jul 2023 I received the PhD Prize of the Department of Mathematics at LSE.
Feb 2023 I am going to be a long-term participant in Fall 2023 for the Simons Institute program in Data Structures and Optimization for Fast Algorithms.
Feb 2023 I joined ICERM at Brown University for the Spring 2023 term for the program in Discrete Optimization.
Nov 2022 Together with Daniel Dadush we give a mini-symposium On the Role of Circuits in Linear Programming at the SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP23).
Oct 2022 I started a ARC Postdoctoral Fellow position at Georgia Tech, affiliated with ISyE and the College of Computing.
Sep 2022 I passed my PhD Viva with a Thesis titled Exact Linear Programming: Circuits, Curvature, and Diameter.


Jun 2024 Mixed Integer Programming Workshop (MIP 24) at the University of Kentucky.
Mar 2024 INFORMS Optimization Society Conference at Rice University.
Nov 2023 Talk in IEOR Seminar on Nov 20 at UC Berkeley.
Oct 2023 INFORMS 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona.
Sep 2023 Data Structures and Optimization for Fast Algorithms at the Simons Institute.

Selected Works

  1. A strongly polynomial algorithm for linear programs with at most two non-zero entries per row or column
  1. Interior point methods are not worse than Simplex
  2. A Scaling-Invariant Algorithm for Linear Programming Whose Running Time Depends Only on the Constraint Matrix
    Daniel DadushSophie Huiberts Bento Natura , and László A. Végh