Jul 2023 I received the PhD Prize of the Department of Mathematics at LSE.
Feb 2023 I am going to be a long-term participant in Fall 2023 for the Simons Institute program in Data Structures and Optimization for Fast Algorithms.
Feb 2023 I joined ICERM at Brown University for the Spring 2023 term for the program in Discrete Optimization.
Nov 2022 Together with Daniel Dadush we give a mini-symposium On the Role of Circuits in Linear Programming at the SIAM Conference on Optimization (OP23).
Oct 2022 I started a ARC Postdoctoral Fellow position at Georgia Tech, affiliated with ISyE and the College of Computing.
Sep 2022 I passed my PhD Viva with a Thesis titled Exact Linear Programming: Circuits, Curvature, and Diameter.